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OITM framework

OITM is a framework for assisting in acceptantance, create vision, set goals and ensures that the change is seen in every aspect of your organization. This will help give that change a solid place in your organization's culture. The OITM framework is based on the Harvard Professor John Kotter's 8-Step Process Change Model. The framework can be used as a template for transformational change in all type of organizations and it can be be used on the company’s infrastructure architecture. Using this framework will speed up and simplify the change and shows you how to delevering it. Where do you start? Whom do you involve? How do you see it through to the end?

Why do we need to change our organization?

Charles Darwin
A modern organization need to change otherwise they were unable to evolve continues to grow. Increasing competition, globalization, technological changes, financial upheaval, political uncertainty, changing workforce demographics, and other factors are forcing organizations to change faster and differently than ever before. Keep in mind that there is no accepted general theory of change but rather traditional “best practice” clusters around a series of activities that have contributed to the continuing poor performance of change initiatives.

What are some specific reasons to change? Is your organization…

  • Falling behind the competition today
  • Ill-prepared to compete in the future
  • Too slow to execute
  • Quick to execute but slow to think, strategize, and plan
  • Too slow to innovate
  • Too siloed to collaborate

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Infrastructure Landscape

Infrastructure Architecture
With a proven architecture approach the organization's infrastructure landscape is a strong foundation for business operations. To support the needs of a wide variety of users, processes and applications the OITM method is optimally supported and promoted the continuity of business operations.